Doily Doll Necklace


A handmade necklace made from locally sourced beads, natural pearls, and vintage beads. The Doily Doll Necklace from BIZU references the natural world and childhood aesthetics.

Handmade in Los Angeles.

Made with locally sourced glass beads, natural rocks and pearls, and vintage beads.

Sterling silver and stainless steel hardware.

Each piece is unique, beadings and colours may differ slightly from image.


Each piece is handmade, so please be delicate.

Protect your BIZU piece by avoiding exposure to water, sunlight, perfume, and creams as much as possible.

Remove before sleeping, showering, or engaging in physical activity is recommended.

Best stored individually in a soft pouch or cloth.

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Made by: BIZU (Find out more about the designer)
Shipped from: Our warehouse in Scotland (See shipping & returns)
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BIzu was created in 2021 by Mihana Johnston, the Honolulu-born artist who now resides in Los Angeles. Bizu looks to childhood fantasy and the natural world’s ecosystems to create nontraditional, intricately-designed jewellery. Each piece mimics the colour and forms of sea life creatures, underwater plants and organisms, and large scale rainforests. The necklaces are constructed from a unique combination of locally sourced glass seed beads, natural pearls, and removable embellishments, drawing us closer to the natural world and our inner selves.

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