Red Leather Breast Plate


A breast plate with safety pin cutouts and tassels. The Red Leather Breast Plate from SSSilk666 is made from cowhide sourced from the deadstock unwanted supply of an accessories manufacturer.

Made in London.

Lace up detailing on either side to allow for tight or loose fit.


Dry clean only or wipe clean any marks.

More information
Made by: SSSilk666 (Find out more about the designer)
Made in: London, England
Shipped from: Glasgow, Scotland (See shipping & returns)
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SSSilk666 has captured an immense amount of intention in its relatively short existence so far. Starting in 2021, all pieces are currently made by founder Alice in her London studio. The silk bias dress is perhaps the brand’s most signature piece - each hand dyed in various colours and tones for an ethereal, otherworldly finish. But the leather breastplates and suede waistcoats are not far behind in terms of statement pieces. Each of Alice’s designs are quintessentially unique to the brand. All fabrics are sourced from deadstock or are reclaimed materials found in second hand shops. As a result, many of Alice’s pieces are one-offs, or created in very limited runs. It adds an ephemerality to each piece. It adds even further to the uniqueness of each garment. Once it’s gone, it may never return in the same form.

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