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Words by Tegan Jaimie

German-American artist/illustrator DeWolfe now residing in Glasgow, Scotland has carved out a unique perspective to portraiture. DeWolfe’s work is filled with biomorphic gestures and inflated, almost cartoonish-like features. The term caricature is derived from the Italian caricare—to charge or load, essentially a “loaded portrait”. An apt definition for DeWolfe’s work. His exaggerated characters are primed with emotion; particularly the eyes which are oversized and piercing. With an almost bug-like quality, which in theory should verge on the slightly absurd, but instead, we are left with strikingly beautiful portraits.

DeWolfe’s Instagram account gives us a peek into his creative process with time-lapse videos of his practice. With the growing number of commissions, the artist often shares the reference image on which his finished pieces are based off. The comparison only aids to emphasise the artistic talent of DeWolfe. His playfulness with distortion is apparent while staying true to his style as an illustrator which never feels repetitive and is as individual as the human he is drawing.

As well as being photographed by LUNCH, we of course tasked DeWolfe with immortalising the photography in caricature form. The results are authentic to DeWolfe’s stylistic practice and a personal take on portraiture as he becomes the subject.

See more of Daniels work via his instagram or his website