Nigh on the release of her new music, Edinburgh-based rising star Nikhita joins us for a walk through the woods to discuss her writing process, on-stage persona, and the line between life and her work.

Captured by Stephen Lister is a selection of images from our PLANET LUNCH opening night: a gorgeous party with long term collaborators and new friends we wish we could relive.

In this collaboration with Ponyboy, we chat with founders Dill and Reece about the collaborative ethos that drives their work, and their strive to contribute to the ‘historical archive of queer and trans beauty’.

We catch up with Izzy Gorman-Buckley – Editor-in-Chief of Sick Love Zine – to talk about exploring underground art worlds, and platforming the individuals that create and experiment from within them.

We caught up with artist and performer Huss to discuss using his platform to champion queer liberation, and using the internet to mourn, rant and create.

The collections from graduate students this year steep themselves fully in creative hedonism. With impeccable originality and striking playfulness, the future of Scotland’s fashion industry lies rest assured in the hands of these upcoming names.

It’s fitting that our shoot with Flora, designer of Glasgow-based label Solace, takes place in the middle of the woods. With a design style that wears its love for the natural world and the Scottish environment on its sleeve, Solace feels deeply rooted in place.

Fresh from her international tour and summer festival run, we caught up with Nilüfer Yanya to discuss her latest album, PAINLESS, and her ever-evolving relationship with her own music.

As their summer of festival sets and party hosting draws to a close, Peach invite us to their studio for a personal tour and insight to their origins and manifesto for the future.

In our feature with Purina Alpha, we go beyond the makeup, looks, and music to talk lifting up your community, asserting your identity, and getting pissed off.

With a soaring online presence PJ Harper creates sculptures that feels equally at home on a bedroom table as they do in a gallery for a global exhibition. Talking us through his process, his plans, and future ambitions, PJ sheds light on the mystery behind his work.   

Fetish, magic, and surrealism collide in the work of SHREK 666 and Lucid. As individuals and as partners, both performers move through Scotland’s creative circles, embodying gothic folklore whilst innovating the country’s club scene.

It’s exciting to see an artist like Spent gain traction in the music scene. With infectious electronic beats, and a lyrical ability that sees them move between powerful and unbothered from one line to the next, Spent’s sound appears as effortless as it is unpredictable.

Still to release any music online, the five-some is finally ready to digitally debut. LUNCH chatted to Anna, Eilidh, Josh and Tom about the serendipitous origins of the band, the theatrics of world-building on stage, and most importantly, their pre-gig snacks.

This week we collaborate with CGI artist Bel Docherty whilst wearing LUNCH

We chatted with one of our original made-to-order designers, S-BA here at LUNCH to discuss the origins of the brand, seasonless collections, and of course, an ideal lunch in the studio.

As her name would suggest, Heléna is a stellar individual championing for greater diversity both inside the music community and out. LUNCH chats about her own growth as a young Black artist and what completes her signature performance look.

In this weeks journal we explore collaborative beauty with artist PHIL LA NOIRAUDE and talent Zuzu Kushnirukova

DJ Plantainchipps is gaining swift traction in the city’s music scene. The multidimensional artist is also releasing her own recordings under her real name, Nwanneka, including her most recent magnetising single, Soil.

Oliver FJ Jones discusses the origins of his namesake brand, delves deeper into his sustainability thoughts, and also his plans to develop his identity as a young designer.

Polish DJ and producer VTSS, aka Martyna Maja is busy. True to her High-Speed Techno, VTSS isn’t slowing down. LUNCH chats to her before she jets off to the Netherlands and Poland for the weekend.

Trackies’ anthropological work blends a documentary narrative of growing up as queer and working-class in Glasgow with a social criticism lens of pop, lad, and subculture.

This week we explore the artistry of MVB to produce a series of images of MVB herself featuring our jewellery.

LUNCH speaks to Morag Seaton, who is using clothing as a medium for more intimate and nuanced narratives.

Introducing T LABEL, the newest addition to LUNCH. Crafted by Taylor-Bea Gordon her designs are saturated in narratives of romanticism.

Despite being a breakout act TAAHLIAH is quickly carving out a name for herself as one of Scotland’s most exciting names in the electronic music scene. LUNCH met with the artist as she discusses her autobiographical EP, Angelica.

Spend a weekend with Lotta in this LUNCH getaway

German-American artist DeWolfe immortalises photography by LUNCH in caricature form. The results are authentic to DeWolfe’s stylistic practice and a personal take on portraiture as he becomes the subject.

In collaboration with Flowers Vermillion, this week we take a look at the bags of bags available at LUNCH

Catching up with la la to discuss the Scottish music scene, her newly launched label Brand New Records, and her relationship with fashion.

LUNCH sat down with the front woman Lucia to chat about the band’s latest releases, being a woman in the industry and how her lyrics, glisteningly raw as they are, are to be used as a musical confessional for the younger generation.

We visit Jade Cropper in her (VIRTUAL) studio to talk origins, her grandmother and what’s next for the brand.

Personal reflection fuels the work of Scottish illustrator Rosalind Shrinivas. Photographed in the LUNCH debut drop, she tells us more about her expressive practice.

LUNCH sat down with Peralta to find out more about the brand, her love of NYC and its underground music scene and of course her ideal LUNCH.

Photographer Marilena steps in-front of the camera wearing pieces from our inaugural drop.

To take pause and watch Katie James, Scottish dancer and movement director, whimsically perform on our small screen should be taken as a moment of solace.

LUNCH sat down with Nova to discuss originality, her introspection into her writing process and championing young women of colour artists.

Introducing the creative duo made up of Bethany Grace and Tamara Turnbull, the founders of LUNCH.