Patch Panel Dress


A mini asymmetric dress made from upcycled fabric patches. The Patch Panel Dress from Erica Fascendini combines various deadstock cuts in white, off-white and cream, combining different textures for a patchwork-style design.

Handmade in Italy.

Each dress is unique. Shapes and colours will vary slightly from product images.

XS: Length: 60 – 64 cm (adjustable) Waist: 60 – 67 cm
S: Length: 65 – 69 cm (adjustable) Waist: 60 – 67 cm
M: Length: 70 – 74 cm (adjustable) Waist: 60 – 67 cm
L: Length 75 – 79 cm (adjustable) Waist: 67 – 73 cm

Sizes can be made to measure, please leave measurements in the notes at checkout.

Hand wash only in warm water.

Dry flat.

Additional information

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This item is made to order, it will be made and shipped to you 2 weeks after order date.
Made by: Erica Fascendini (Find out more about the designer)
Shipped from: Our warehouse in Scotland (See shipping & returns)
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Pairing traditional feminine silhouettes, materials, and textures with unconventional, deconstructed experimentalism, there’s a lot to love in Erica Fascendini’s designs. Each piece is carefully hand sewn and made-to-order, meaning no two pieces are ever identical. Irregular stitching and a mixed material approach allows artistic whim to play a role in Fascendini’s production process. This focus is not just an aesthetic choice though - it also allows Fascendini to avoid excess material use and limit waste, whilst simultaneously crafting intricate pieces which complement and mould to the wearer's body. From her studio in Italy Erica Fascendini explores her fascination with the malleability and interpretive potential of different fabrics, and the result is a brand which invites the wearer into her research-based, experimental design style.

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