Silk Scarf Ponytail Cap


Waste Couture tartan hat made from heritage Charlie McCosker tartan sourced sustainably from London’s iconic Portobello Road Market. Indivually sourced silk scarves from London and hand painted cowrie shells from Kampala, Uganda. Sharks teeth embellishment made by Tinashe Mutizwa in Cape Town, South Africa. A statement hat that goes with everything and easily levels up your everyday looks, matching skirt and bikini available for the full set

Made by: Charlie McCosker (Find out more about the designer)
Made in: London, England
Shipped from: London, England (See shipping & returns)
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Charlie McCosker is an Irish South African designer based in London. Utilising tartan sourced sustainably from London’s iconic Portobello Road Market, McCosker uses the term Waste Couture to describe her unconventional, progressive approach to sustainability. Hailing from Central Saint Martins, her bold designs have cemented her among the growing list of young designers prioritising DIY methods and mixed materials to carve out their own signature feel.

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