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Medium Shell Studs

from £50

Solid earrings cast from shells found on a beach in India.  Each pair is cast from a different shell so there is some variation.  Multiple sizes can be worn stacked on the ear

Additional information

This item is made to order, it will be made and shipped to you 3 weeks after order date.
Made by: H₂ERǴ (Find out more about the designer)
Made in: London, England
Shipped from: London, England (See shipping & returns)
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Founded by Karoline Healy, H₂ERǴ is a research-based jewellery brand investigating the potential of regenerative and ecological futures. The brand’s name is a root word in Proto-Ino-European. It is a reconstruction of the first word used to describe silver, also meaning ‘to shine’. Through crafting both jewellery and research projects, H₂ERǴ explores the new culture of precious material which draws from biotechnology and science as much as craft and history. Based in London, H₂ERǴ aims to offer radical innovations to jewellery production They use recycled silver, upcycled elements and ethically sourced gems. In terms of inspiration, the net is cast wide - from natural growth formations to surrealism, speaking to the brand’s designer to merge the scientific with the artistic.

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