Root-Knot Ring

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A simple but solid everyday band. The ring is like a root structure that wraps around the finger. Each ring might look slightly different as each size is sculpted and hand-cast individually

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This item is made to order, it will be made and shipped to you 3 weeks after order date.
Made by: H₂ERǴ (Find out more about the designer)
Made in: London, England
Shipped from: London, England (See shipping & returns)
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Founded by Karoline Healy, H₂ERǴ is a research-based jewellery brand investigating the potential of regenerative and ecological futures. The brand’s name is a root word in Proto-Ino-European. It is a reconstruction of the first word used to describe silver, also meaning ‘to shine’. Through crafting both jewellery and research projects, H₂ERǴ explores the new culture of precious material which draws from biotechnology and science as much as craft and history. Based in London, H₂ERǴ aims to offer radical innovations to jewellery production They use recycled silver, upcycled elements and ethically sourced gems. In terms of inspiration, the net is cast wide - from natural growth formations to surrealism, speaking to the brand’s designer to merge the scientific with the artistic.

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