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Genevieve Devine creates garments and jewellery that tease the boundary between fashion and objet d’art. Salvaging and celebrating the past life of found materials, she reformulates them into new articles of fascination with an idiosyncratic approach that combines conceptual reimagining, careful handwork and fine detailing.
As an independent label with an emphasis on slow fashion, Genevieve Devine embraces artisanal one-offs, bespoke, small-capsule and jewellery offerings that exist in a thematic continuum eschewing seasonality. Revelling in an expansive aesthetic universe abound with personal archetypes and myth-making, the designer treats the serious with levity and the lightest things with great care and attention. A study in elegance, craft, rawness and absurdity, each palimpsest-garment incorporates its prior life into the construction, creating an experience that can be both empowering and evocative.